"Burro" Mini Series

I've made the mistake in the past of creating artwork that leaves my possession to live with a collector without a trace, so my plan is to be better about documenting my art, and the stories that go with it, here on the blog to create a digital archive. This was an experiment with working in a series, completing one piece from beginning to end, and carrying each new idea sparked along the way into the next piece. It forever changed my creative process!

Burro Series #1

This is the first piece in what turned out to be a very small series I created back in 2015 before taking a break from my art to savor time with my little one without putting pressure on myself to "do more" all the time. What makes me smile when I look back at this little collection now is how my intention was to visually explore the theme "urban decay" with textiles and collage but that silly little burro kept making his way in, like the baby who was also taking over every waking moment of my life at the time. There's just no separating your art from your life when you're letting your true expression flow out.

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Burro Series #2

In this second piece of the mini series, I was inspired by my piles of white fabric and lace which I generally paint or dye but this time decided to work with as is and vary only the textures throughout. It's one of the larger pieces I've ever made, at 16" x 20". And of course, after making his debut in the first piece, the little burro was a keeper. I remember the quiet afternoon when I drew him in the park while kiddo laid on a blanket and watched trees rustle in the breeze.

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Burro Series #3

Last but not least, the final piece. This time, the little burro pushed his way front and center to become the star of the show and how can I blame him, he's pretty darn cute! In this one I played around with depth and carefully hand stitched only bits and pieces of the figure to the background so he just floats on and off the surface. I just love the transparency of the lace, which came to my collection from my husbands grandmother along with many other treasures. 

It was the third piece that inspired me to try creating this character in 3-D and I began applying my pattern drafting skills from fashion design to soft sculpture.The first attempt wasn't perfect, but I still love him with all his little imperfections!

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