A Winter Review

Hello and Happy Spring! With the first quarter of 2022 behind us, I wanted to take a moment to document what we’ve been up to before jumping back into posting weekly like I originally planned. Clearly I’m still working on prioritizing my time to get everything done, but gosh I’ve missed this space! Part of the joy of homeschooling is the freedom, but it’s taking time to learn how much structure we need to continue to feel that sense of freedom and also accomplish all the things we want and need to do each day. Like anything in life, I’m sure it will feel easier the longer I stay the course and stay focused on our goals. So here’s a quick peek into our last 3 months…

January was filled with puzzles, inspiring library books and lattes, cleaning and decluttering with endless podcast episodes, preparing my bullet journal for the new year, reviewing goals for our homeschool, and setting new intentions. My first priority was to start getting outside more so we started the 1,000 Hours Outside challenge, slowly ramping up each month as it’s getting warmer and we’ve logged around 150 hours so far this year! That may not seem like a huge amount to some, but with so many hobbies that keep us indoors, this has been a great shift for us.

My second priority was to find local homeschool community. We’re both pretty happy at home, so the unusual amount of isolation didn’t feel hard for a while, but as life got back to normal, public school kids were back in the classroom and we still hadn’t made homeschool connections we started to feel it. Thankfully, I finally found a group that felt like a good fit for us, and it truly has been! February and March were filled with weekly park days, a Valentine’s Day party, fun field trips and new friends. And sports, all the sports, swim lessons, tennis and many, many hours on the baseball field! He’s been one happy kid because the only thing he was missing from school was recess.

As for my own creative pursuits…

I treated myself to four more courses on Domestika and I’ve been working my way through two which are both with the same instructor, Carolina Alles. One is creating needle felted figures and the other is making miniature clothing. You can see my attempt at a meerkat above that turned into an adorable puppy, lol…I’ll be giving the meerkat another go because I’ve been wanting to make one for a while.

The miniature clothing course led me down a deep rabbit hole into Blythe. I’ve always adored them but the price tag kept me from ever purchasing one. I’ve now discovered factory Blythe dolls and the wonderful world of customizing, purchased my first doll and look forward to trying my hand at customizing her eventually. For now, I just want to perfect the basics of miniature clothing construction so I’m working on dressing my new blythe and a few other dolls in my collection that currently have nothing to wear. Above she’s sporting her new loungewear. Oh, and speaking of my collection, that sweet vintage monkey on the top right was a recent thrift score and was love at first sight!

Off to enjoy the sunshine and make more things. Be back soon, xoxo

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