Make a rascally burro

Looking for a simple hand sewing project? Check out this tutorial and free pattern.

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  • Bobbin Doll with Melanie Wesley

    I’ve followed artist Melanie Wesley for a while, and when she teased this Bobbin Doll tutorial in her newsletter, I knew immediately I had to make one.


  • Iron Transfer Pencils for Fabric Collage

    Today I’m sharing one of my favorite supplies for textile art, hot iron transfer pencils. As someone who worked at both fabric and craft stores and never new of such a thing until stumbling upon it by accident, I thought there was chance this could be a revelation to someone else.


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I’m Kaci, artist, dollmaker and lover of nature, kitsch, stitch and miniatures. Here I’ll share handmade projects, creative explorations, and occasional tutorials. I hope you enjoy!

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