Creative Homeschooling Mama

Once upon a time, in the Fall of 2019, my son went off to Kindergarten and after 5 years of being a SAHM, I started to build my creative business. Queue the global pandemic…and my focused mornings in solitude were no more.

The silver lining is I’d been feeling like public school wasn’t a good fit for my kiddo and this gave us the opportunity to see what our life would be like without it. We spent months deschooling and reconnecting and it felt like such a natural continuation of attachment parenting that we couldn’t imagine going back to the way things were. It was through all of this that I started to re-evaluate my own priorities and ultimately decided to let my little infant of a business go in favor of a slower pace.

The part I don’t want to let go is my creative practice. It’s important to me that within our homeschool, each of us have the space for our own pursuits and that I model learning, practicing, working and growing. It was with this in mind that after closing my online shop, I decided to set up this space where I can blog like it’s 2009! If you know, you know, lol

What I envision is sharing a glimpse into this life as an artist and homeschooling mom. My creative practice, how my work inspires our homeschool and how homeschooling inspires my work. The habits, rhythms and routines that help me along the way. I don’t know exactly how this will all unfold. I’m just inspired to start while I’m at the beginning and see where it leads.

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