Confection of Miniature Clothing

My goal this year is to work through the classes I’ve accumulated to develop my skills and bring some new ideas to life. I started this class, Confection of Miniature Clothing, sometime last year and completed all but the final project so that was the first thing I worked on this year. I cannot get over how cute these tiny clothes are, especially the jeans and coat!

I studied Fashion Design in college, but the construction of tiny things is different than human size so in the past I’ve kind of had to wing it putting together doll outfits. Now I have a solid understanding to apply to any outfit I design, no matter how elaborate, and I’m excited to level up the outfits on some of the dolls in my collection and my own handmade dolls.

Here’s the complete collection of pieces Carolina teaches and provides patterns for in the course. If you’ve ever wanted to learn to make beautifully finished doll clothes, including making custom patterns for a specific doll, I’d definitely recommend this course! (I’m not an affiliate or anything, just a happy student)

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