100 Day Stitch Book

I’ve attempted a 100 day project twice in the past and failed miserably both times, but I was so inspired by Ann Wood’s idea to create a stitch book last year that when she announced it as a make along type project inside her community this year, I couldn’t resist jumping in! The idea is to prep all the pages for a cloth book and commit to spending 15 minutes stitching on them each day for 100 days. At the end it’s all assembled into one little finished project.

All the information can be found here, including start and end dates, the pattern, details about the daily project and final construction, as well as a link to request access to the wonderful community she’s created.

The first idea I had for my project was to create a rainbow with my pages, so I went through my bins of color sorted fabrics and pulled out pieces that would create an easy base to stitch on. I decided to create 18 pages first and then choose the fabric for the cover and back at the end when I can see what it needs.

I love how these pages look, all cut out and ready to go. I’ve created a stitch book before, but it was more of a receptacle for all the little textile art experiments I had kicking around my studio that didn’t serve any other purpose. I currently don’t even have a scrap bin so I’m not sure what this one will become, the idea is to just show up every day to build momentum and that’s exactly what I’m working on doing this year. Off to stitch…

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