100 Day Stitch Book: Day 1 – 15

After enthusiastically cutting out all my pages for this project, I have to admit, I got a little stuck since I didn’t have a scrap basket sitting around like I normally would. Having to intentionally cut out bits really had me overthinking things, but once I decided to create one of the birds from the local bird guide I got for Christmas things got a little easier. It still took me a full movie just conquer the two pages above!

After that I went digging for more small elements in my stash to help me along, pulled out these bits of lace and trim and also found a pile of hand dyed silk strips I’d forgotten about that seemed promising.

With Valentines Day approaching, I played around with hearts and since I’ve had character design on my mind I couldn’t resist bringing them to life.

It’s still slow going and I’m not getting very far in 15 minutes per day, but I feel the momentum starting to build with a daily practice and that’s exactly why I jumped into this challenge. We’ll see where things go from here…

Are you playing along with this challenge? Let me know in the comments so I can come see your progress!

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