100 Day Stitch Book: Day 16 – 50

This week I’m back with another update on the 100 Day Stitch Book project. We’re officially halfway through! I’ve spent a little time most days working on this, but occasionally missed a few days and made up for it with a longer stitching session on the weekend. What I’ve made sure to do is start each new page according to the schedule. This has made a huge difference in my studio practice. I’ve begun scheduling the start of other projects on my calendar so that I don’t waste time fiddling around the studio figuring what to do. I either have something in process that I’m returning to or I know what I’m going to begin. It’s been a great way to push through that pesky resistance that can keep me from getting started.

These 4 pages are in various stages of completion. After stitching a giraffe onto one page, I started thinking it would be fun to create backgrounds on all the pages and then add characters…bringing the character design work I’m focusing on into this project. Some of them have space for that and others have gone in a more nature inspired direction. Maybe it will end up about half and half?

I originally cut my pages in a rainbow and I love how the mood of the pages has naturally changed with the colors. The weeks I was working on these 4 pages we were getting lots of rain, the skies were gray, the ocean was rough and the wildflowers started blooming all around us. It’s neat how this book represents the passing of time, even though I didn’t intentionally set out to do that. It just crept in. That’s the beauty of just going with the flow. I’d definitely recommend this project to any slow stitchers out there!

I’ll be back with another update after a while…

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