A Scorpion + Solar System

The Scorpion

Lately I’ve been inspired to transition the decor in our home with the seasons, and this month we did just that in one teeny little way. In one of those delight driven homeschool days, I said yes when the kiddo asked if he could have the scorpion sucker a friend gave him. He decided pretty quickly that he didn’t like it but wished he could get the scorpion out…so that’s what we did. A couple of weeks earlier we both agreed I just HAD to get this little orange pedestal display from the Target dollar spot and before we knew it we were outside foraging the backyard for nature materials to finish off our scorpion centerpiece. We were scientists, explorers, gatherers and designers. I couldn’t have planned a more perfect afternoon!

The Solar System

Crafty project #2 for the month was a solar system headpiece for my halloween costume. B wanted to be an astronaut since we’re learning about space, so we ran with the theme as a family. I poked around Pinterest a little to formulate a plan, pulled out the materials I had on hand that might be useful then roamed around the craft store to pick up a few more essentials. I was in the zone putting this together in the 11th hour so there’s not lots of in process pics but I’ll give you a quick rundown.

I used heavy wool felt shaped and stitched to a headband as a base. Different sized styrofoam balls were painted with acrylic paints to make the planets. I cut the bottom off the sun so there was a flat portion to glue securely to the felt to create the center of the solar system headpiece. All the other planets were attached to the sun with pieces of wire and then more wire was used to connect each planet to the one next to it until it was balanced and sturdy. The black tulle ribbon worked perfectly to tie around the wire to hide it and added a bit of starry night sky in the background. A barrette on one side and large bobby pin on the other held it securely enough to move my head freely without it falling off. Success!!

It’s so fun getting crafty sometimes. Playing with materials I don’t often use and making something from start to finish in one sitting is just so satisfying. Already looking forward to getting crafty for the holidays coming up!

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